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清酒 明石鯛
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A Fine Artisanal Sake with Character

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" Each Akashi-Tai sake is a reflection of the Yonezawa family’s love for their profession and for making exceptional sake. "

Bringing Our Legacy to the World

Akashi-Tai is the best expression of everything we believe in: a true artisan sake, handmade in small batches by our Toji (Sake Master) Kimio Yonezawa and his close team of trusted craftsmen. It is the embodiment of Akashi Sake Brewery’s spirit, and a prime example of characterful sake from Hyogo – the birthplace of sake.

We use the highest quality and locally produced ingredients such as Yamadanishiki rice (considered as the noblest rice for sake) and spring water from the Akashi region.

Reflecting the brewery’s high standards, the new design of our bottles proudly shows the Akashi’s iconic “Tai” (meaning sea bream in Japanese), the lucky symbol of the brand.

Our Methods

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Brewed by Hand in Small Batches

We brew using traditional methods, by hand and in small batches, the way it has been for the last decades. Every stage of the process affects the final flavour. Each rice varietal, yeast and koji-kin selected offers our sakes their own unique character.

Led by Toji Kimio Yonezawa, our whole team takes great care to choose the most perfect, flawless rice, which is then polished, rinsed, soaked, steamed and finally cooled under careful guidance.

Each subsequent step of koji making, fermentation, filtration and pasteurisation is carried out with exacting attention to detail, overseen by a small and dedicated team of artisans who are committed to imbuing every batch with the same bodied and generous flavours the Akashi-Tai sake brand is known for.

Our sakes

Junmai Daiginjo Genshu


Akashi Sake Brewery’s “Grand Cru” that showcases the most intense flavours of Yamadanishiki rice.

Daiginjo Genshu


One of Akashi-Tai’s most iconic sakes that balances greater strength with a robust and fruity finish.

Tokubetsu Junmai


A traditional brew with a satisfyingly full-bodied flavour profile, clean and well structured.

Tokubetsu Honjozo Genshu


An undiluted sake, fuller in body and with a more concentrated flavour.

Tokubetsu Honjozo


A lighter-bodied sake to which the sake master adds a small amount of alcohol prior to the filtering stage.

Luscious Japanese Liqueurs


" We harvest and macerate the freshest local ingredients to produce our iconic Japanese liqueurs. "

Revealing Sweetness

Our liqueurs receive just as much attention as our fine sakes and are produced with a carefully and passionate craftsmanship. Revealing the beautiful and fresh flavours of ingredients local to the Hyogo region, our liqueurs serve as a sweet after-dinner treat or as a perfect base for cocktails.

Our Liqueurs

Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu


A luxurious plum liqueur made by preserving plums in the finest Ginjo sake.

Ginjo Yuzushu


A refreshing liqueur made with fresh yuzus from the Hyogo prefecture.

波門崎ウイスキー Hatozaki